“While it is an honor to have so many endorsements coming in from law enforcement, my former colleagues, and the legal community at large, the most important endorsement is from you, the Citizens. I pledge to you that I will uphold the public trust in our State Attorney’s Office. That public trust cannot and should not be taken lightly. If you agree, I appreciate your vote on August 18, 2020.”

We are honored to have such widespread and diverse support of community leaders across 6 counties. Some of them will be featured here during the campaign.


"I have known and worked with Larry Basford for more than 30 years. Together, we handled several tragic issues for our community and helped people heal. Those are the times you really get to know someone. Larry is a focused, hard-working prosecutor. He has handled everything from a quadruple manslaughter at the hands of a single DUI driver, to dozens of complex murder cases involving firearms. Every court case requires incredible attention by BCSO’s investigators and professionals to prepare properly. I am proud to declare my support for his race. His service as our next State Attorney will make our community proud."

~The Hon. Frank McKeithen
Former Bay County Sheriff

“In 2006, my daughter Tonya was murdered. My family was still in mourning and shock when we met with Larry Basford, who was assigned to the case. Larry was compassionate and assured us in a professional way that he would do his very best to make the criminal justice system work for us. The man who killed Tonya was convicted of first-degree murder and is now serving a life sentence. I really feel blessed to know Larry. It’s wonderful that he is willing to serve our community in this new role. I support him fully in his campaign.”

~The Rev. Luther Verdell Farmer
Jackson County

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Larry Basford, Republican, for State Attorney.